RoughBook An intelligent polls offering

We've arrived, keep watching

It’s hard to believe but after months of dreaming and planning we have finally landed. We now feel a mixture of emotions; excited to see what will happen. Everyone here is in good spirits!, that’s how we’re looking right now.

First look


Our goal is to transform less-interesting surveys into intuitive environments and old-school styled analysis to AI-powered inferences. We promise to change not only surveys explorations industries but also User experience. Surveys will become intuitive and analysis will become conclusive.


Capture honest and concrete sentiments at all times. Build incredible explorations on a twinkle (Or We’ll do that) and predict the real, momentous inferences from the community.


Keep Checking us out as we regularly update. We’re in very exciting phase, in a frivolous mood and so great to be on location finally. For more regular updates please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter. More blog posts about specific features, recruitment. targets and achievements to follow shortly.

Thanks! Roughbook - An intelligent polls offering

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