RoughBook An intelligent polls offering

Match The Following, the ultimate first

Today, We’ve added a new inquisition type to help our consumers to attain user’s attention immediately. We’ve made big changes as our promise to deliver beautifully designed, and easy to use explorations. We’ve got something to show you and Here is how it looks

First look

That future is here

In dreaming of a future, Our team of Designers, Developers and Marketers have been hard at work transforming your RoughBook experience. Everything should feel a much awesome now, more intuitive and more fun.

Check it out at below PlayGround

RoughBook is about infinite possibilities with next level UX for consumers, so for us, it was all about making everything more immersible. Aren’t we interesting a lot?

In the meantime, get stuck in and let us know what you think.

Thanks! Roughbook - An intelligent polls offering

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